You are made
of Stardust.

When stars go supernova, they create many of the elements of the periodic table, including those that make up the human body. We’re inspired by the universe’s natural creativity, and we see it every day in the talent and passion of the Ypsilanti art community.

About Stardust

Our Story

The idea for Stardust started with a big bang… an expansion in the creative universe of two Ypsilanti women. 

Angel Vanas, Master Colorist & Owner of Star Studio next door needed more space.

Holly Schoenfield, graphic designer & visual artist, needed an office for her creative work.

During the pandemic in fall 2020, the stars aligned, and the space right next door, at 224 ½ Michigan Avenue in downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan opened up! 

What We’re All About

Our Mission

Our mission is to launch and support artists in Ypsilanti & the surrounding area. We aim to connect patrons of the arts with locals who make & sell their own art, crafts, and more. 

Not only do we want to help grow Ypsi’s reputation as a creative haven for artists and patrons alike, but we want to craft an authentic, genuine community where artists feel supported and encouraged in their goals.

To Infinity and Beyond

Our Vision

We reach for the stars in everything we do, inspiring ourselves and others to expand their creative universe and take the Ypsilanti art community to new heights.

Divine Power

Our Core Values

Inspiration. We draw inspiration from our community, experiences, and the universe.

Community. We help our community in Ypsilanti grow by sharing art and planning events.

Support. We encourage and support artists to reach their goals.

Inclusion. Our shop represents all members of our community.

Ingenuity. We use our resources well, creating something new from an existing assets.

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